Ponticelli Nigeria Ltd.

Contract for the Provision of a team of experienced and competent instrument Engineers and Technicians, Equipment and Materials on site to for Ponticelli Nigeria Limited for their AMENAM KPONO WELLS CONNECTION/HOOK-UP Contract with Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited which provided for the provision of E & I Hook-up, testing and commissioning of wellheads for Oil, Gas and Water wells on their field facilities located offshore Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  • The provision of a detailed design drawing
  • Procurement/supply of all requisite instruments and electrical materials necessary for a successful hook-up and commissioning of the wells concerned.
  • Provision of a team of competent and experienced instrument Engineers and Technicians on site offshore to carry out the desired hook-up.
  • Provide all requisite work tools and equipment needed for carrying out the project

The actual implementation of the hook-up & commissioning of the wellheads for Gas, Oil and Water wells by the YOMATECH Team, consists of:

  • The installation of wellheads and flow lines pressure transmitters at agreed and convenient locations on site as may be desired by the company's representative.
  • Installation of Temperature transmitters and thermo wells as required.
  • Installation of parker high pressure hoses for SCSSV and SSV valves in accordance with the approved hook-up standards.
  • Installation of heat tracing cables on instrument lines in accordance with relevant hook-up standards.
  • Installation of instrument cables on trays as may be desired by the company's representative and in accordance with approved hook-up standards.
  • Installation of instrument block and bleed valves on relevant instruments as well as the choke valve and the position.
  • Termination of all instrument cables from various instruments to their appropriate cable marshalling panels/junction boxes in accordance with instrument loop diagrams provided.
  • Tagging of all installed instruments and cables in accordance with approved Tag list.
  • Render required technical assistance to the systems Engineer of the company in the integration of the various wellhead instruments into the facilities distributed control system as required prior to commissioning while the company provides all the necessary DCS analogue I/O cards.

Commencement Date:1st Aug. 2003

Status: Completed, Approximately 200 wells were hooked up on this contract