NetcoDietsmann Company Ltd. (Pressure testing and certification of Pressure Safety Valves)

Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs) Services, this include Overhaul, Calibration, Certification for their customer Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited

Status:- Completed 2008

Start date - 30/12/2004

Yomatech workshop is fully equipped with PSV test benches, sets of tool boxes, pumps and cylinders etc. and use this work shop for Pressure Safety Valve services, this include overhaul, testing, and certification services required on each PSV.
Some of the Tools and Equipment available are:

  • Test Benches
  • Cylinders
  • Hand Pump (water)
  • Hand Pump (Hydraulic)
  • Dead weight tester
  • Various sets of test gauges
  • Sets of Flanges
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Tool box (Instrumentation)
  • Tool Box (Mechanical)
  • Various sets of chain block
  • Sling belts (for Lifting)
  • Charcoal (various tonnage)

A Mobile Workshop Services For PSVs Testing is also available, This a 20ft mobile workshop with chain block attached, containing tools and locally fabricated equipment, lapping plate, dead-weight tester, proof gauges e.t.c..for pressure testing of PSVs, all the test gauges and indicators are calibrated and certified by SGS inspection services Nigeria limited.