Elf Petroleum Nigeria Ltd ( a subsidiary of TOTAL EP)

Project 1

Supply of the following under listed Administrative Personnel for Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited entitled on OML99 field facilities located offshore Federal Republic of Nigeria. The field facilities consist of 4 platforms and 2 flare tripods.

  • Administrative Superintendent
  • Material / Logistic Coordinator
  • Radio / HLO
  • Total Numbers of Personnel on board
  • - 6 personnel in total
  • Commencement Date:7th March 2003
    Status: Completed 2008

Project 2

The objective of this project is to move the Old OBAGI Control room from the process area and relocate to another location.

The scope of work includes :

  • The detail studies of the existing old Obagi system and the re-engineering of the old OBAGI system instrumentation to produce all hook-up, testing, commissioning and decommissioning design documentation.
  • The procurement of all outstanding materials. The site installation of all instruments, junction boxes, cables and marching cabinet required for DCS integration.
  • The integration in OBAGI DCS, all newly installed equipment/Instrumentation required to control and monitor the old Obagi system directly with the DCS. The start - up of all equipment and processes in the old OBAGI system under the DCS. The removal of existing equipment from the facilities and Control room.

Commencement Date:1st March 2003

Status: Completed February 2004

Project 3

Provision of fully equipped mobile test bench with calibration Engineers for Pressure testing, calibration and certification of PSV/ PVSV at obagi OML 58.

Commencement Date:2007

Status: Completed 2008

Project 4

Pressure testing, calibration and certification of PSV onboard AKPO FPSO.

Commencement Date:2009

Status: Completed 30th June 2011