Instrument Workshop And Lab Services



Yomatech Engineers and Technicians conducts maintenance activities on Electrical and Instrumentation facilities on offshore platforms and isolated land locations. All staffs are fully trained to maintain clients machinery to minimize safety risks and to maximize operational efficiency and plant productivity.

An experienced, high-quality workforce is also available in the workshop for the following activities:

  • Repair, calibration and certification of Electronics, Electro-Pneumatic and Pneumatic Instruments.
  • Pressure testing of High Pressure Control Valves such as Willis, Fisher, Masoneilan
  • Pressure testing and Certification of Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs) and Surface Safety Valves/Actuators (SSVs)
  • Testing of Surface Safety Valves/Actuators (SSV) such as Cameron, UILM, AVA.

Tools and equipment

Fully equipped multiple test bench to carry out calibration/setting on Electronics, Pneumatics and Hydraulic Instruments. Bench test Instruments includes:

  • ITT Metrix power generator, Fluke portable calibrator, AOIP measures signal generator and PC 8 Haven Pressure and Current display
  • Dead weight balance (Besancon instruments) for Pneumatic Instruments
  • Hand held service Manometer 909.40.500 9 Wika Instruments
  • Portable Air compressor
  • Instrumentation portable hand tools


Location Client Description Start End
PH NetcoDietsmann Overhaul, Calibration, Certification of PSV's Dec-04 completed 2008
PH Shell Nigeria Minor contract Remedial works for 5 Nos Flow station Dec-01 Jan-02
PH Elf Nigeria Servicing and testing of Qty 14 carbon dioxide cylinder's valves May-96 May-96
PH Elf Nigeria Servicing and testing of Gas Monitors Jul-96 Jul-96
PH Michelin Procurement and calibration of Fuji Recorder #PHC 33003 EAIYV Dec-97 Dec-97
PH Michelin Servicing of Satam Diesel Meters Jan-97 Jan-97
PH Michelin Refurbishment of Satam Diesel Meters Jun-98 Jun-98
PH Elf Nigeria Servicing and re-kiting and calibration of ESDV's, and control valves Sept-99 Sept-99
PH RB Falcon Drilling Repair& Calibration of Martin Decker True value Gauges Feb-99 Feb-99
PH RB Falcon Drilling Calibration, Checks and Certification of Test Instruments ( Analog meters, Scope meter, Meggar tester and Clamp meter ) May-98 May-98
PH RB Falcon Drilling Calibration, Checks and Certification of Tension Gauges Apr-98 Apr-98