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Manpower Supply

As a registered recruitment consultancy, and Manpower supply company Yomatech provides manpower supplies for Drilling and Production Facilities and office staff. Our services include:

  • Provision of the personnel.
  • Safety training.
  • Provision of Personnel safety gears.
  • Salaries, Bonus, Allowance, and Holiday pay, Pay-off.
  • Pay as you earn (PAYE) tax
  • Contributions to the National housing fund (NHF)
  • Workmen compensation and Personnel Liability insurance
  • Contributions to the Nigeria Social Insurance trust fund (NSITF)
  • Yomatech has provided a professional support service to multi-sector industries since 1995.

Our service and selection procedures are of the highest standard. Our many years of experience recruiting for local, national and international clients enables us to minimize time commitment and reduce costs involved in the recruitment process. Fully conversant with all requirements for efficient mobilization, we arrange all formalities such as interviews, medicals, logistics supports.

Working with YOMATECH provides the following:

  • Provision of personnel on a temporary contract or permanent placement basis.
  • Facilities to employ personnel on behalf of clients on a world wide basis.
  • Selection procedures which ensure that personnel have the necessary qualifications.
  • Previous employer reference and qualification verification procedures.
  • Client business confidentiality


Location Client Description Start End
OML 99 Totalfina Elf Administrative Personnel OML 99 General maintenance works Mar-03 completed 2008
OML 99 NetcoDietsmann Maintenance Personnel for NetcoDietsmann contract with Totalfina on OML 99 General maintenance subcontract works Mar-03 Completed 2008
9 Rigs Transocean Sedco Forex Drilling Specialist Local Manpower May-03 completed 2009
Bintang Kalimantan Forasol Drilling West Africa Drilling Specialist Local Manpower Sep-01 Completed 2004
Rig Ocean Liberator Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. Drilling Specialist Local Manpower Feb-96 Jul-96
Rig Ocean valiant Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc Drilling Specialist Local Manpower Jun-98 Feb-99
Rig Perro Negro 2 Saipem Drilling Drilling Specialist Local Manpower July-96 Apr-98
Rig Perro Negro 5 Saipem Drilling Drilling Specialist Local Manpower Jun-98 Feb-99
Borgen Dolphin Fred Olsen S/A Maintenance Operating Local personnel May-95 Sept-00
Bonny Trevi Foundation Drilling Specialist Local Manpower Oct-96 Sept-97
Upomami Elf Nigeria Specialist Local Manpower (Laboratory/Instrument technicians) Jan-95 May-99
Knock Taggart Red Band Norway S/A Maintenance Operating Local personnel May-96 Sep-98
Rig Deep Water Millenium Reading And Bates drilling Drilling Specialist Local Manpower Jul-00 Dec-00
Rig Deep Water Discovery Reading And Bates drilling Drilling Specialist Local Manpower Jan-01 Dec-01
Eket Mobil Producing Provision of Scaffolding Personnel (Local Manpower)